Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hi everyone I've been being so lazy recently, I need to get organised and start writing lists at the start of each day... Its the only way I get anything done. Anyway, I have finally put some of my old clothes on ebay so feel free to take a look! There will be more going on soon so keep checking back and also yes I will post worldwide :)

Today I went to the charity shops for the first time in an entire month! I had a huge success in Salvation Army where I got everything in the above photos apart for the jumper which was from a hospice charity, I had a very nice conversation with the man at the check out and he kindly pointed out that my hair is purple and then he said he had some pink hair dye and I said good for him but then he brought out two full bottles of crazy colour and let me have them both for 50p! So I guess I'm going pink again next..

The trousers are vintage jodpurs, they're so cool! They were reduced to £1.20, I guess no one wanted them. You can't see them very well in the photo but I think I'll take some photos wearing them tomorrow. The blue top was also reduced. I love it when I go into a charity shop and everything I buy is reduced, it just makes me feel like I've saved twice as much money as I normally would have. In total I spent £7.70! Oh and don't worry... I have plans for those ugly print trousers.