Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm back from wales! I took these photos in the spare room at my nan and grandads house where I set up a little back drop and surrounded it with various lights I found around the house in an attempt to make it a little like a photoshoot.. it didn't go to well, I ended up having to just edit them loads instead, but I like how they turned out anyway.

In the first and last one I'm wearing a crocheted dress that I found in a charity shop along with my grandmas necklaces and earrings from New Look. In the middle photo everything I'm wearing is from a charity shop, I diy'ed the sorts bright pink, not that you can tell in the photo.. and the jewelry is again my grandmas and earrings from new look. In the last 4 photos I'm wearing some disco pants which I bought from COW Vintage for £3! The shirts are from charity shops, socks are from a market and creepers from the rag market and Jewelry from the same as above!

I've got a new tumblr url! I thought I would never get rid of c0mablack but as I typed charityshopqueen into the address bar I thought this can't be available... but I guess it was meant to be because it was, and I thought it was very fitting. I hope there's not already a self proclaimed charity shop queen because I think I may just have to take the title.. (apart from mary pfft)

Also yay new layout! Only problem is I want to center everything and it freezes every time I try to edit the html, ah well, I think it looks nice like this!