Friday, July 20, 2012
Wearing shirt and tshirt from a charity shop, sorts from H+M, Earrings from New Look and Necklaces from my grandma and car boot sale. I'm looking for new blogs to follow so leave a comment if you'd like me to have a look at yours :-)


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm back from wales! I took these photos in the spare room at my nan and grandads house where I set up a little back drop and surrounded it with various lights I found around the house in an attempt to make it a little like a photoshoot.. it didn't go to well, I ended up having to just edit them loads instead, but I like how they turned out anyway.

In the first and last one I'm wearing a crocheted dress that I found in a charity shop along with my grandmas necklaces and earrings from New Look. In the middle photo everything I'm wearing is from a charity shop, I diy'ed the sorts bright pink, not that you can tell in the photo.. and the jewelry is again my grandmas and earrings from new look. In the last 4 photos I'm wearing some disco pants which I bought from COW Vintage for £3! The shirts are from charity shops, socks are from a market and creepers from the rag market and Jewelry from the same as above!

I've got a new tumblr url! I thought I would never get rid of c0mablack but as I typed charityshopqueen into the address bar I thought this can't be available... but I guess it was meant to be because it was, and I thought it was very fitting. I hope there's not already a self proclaimed charity shop queen because I think I may just have to take the title.. (apart from mary pfft)

Also yay new layout! Only problem is I want to center everything and it freezes every time I try to edit the html, ah well, I think it looks nice like this!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yesterday afternoon I went to another beach and my mom took these photos. My two tops/ dresses, jacket and bag are from charity shops, shorts are from topshop and tights and socks from primark. I bought the creepers from the rag market and the jewelry was my grandmas apart from the pendant and earrings. Oh and glasses are from specsavers, I forgot to take them off for the photos.

As you can see it is very windy in wales, its probably a good job I didn't take my glasses off, they are excellent wind shields. Luckily it was very sunny and didn't rain at all yesterday. I'm hoping it will be like this tomorrow although I haven't checked the weather forecast yet, in fact I think I'm going to avoid it for a little while longer in order to keep my sanity.


I'm back in Wales! Yesterday I went to the beach to eat doughnuts for breakfast, I'm wearing my nans pink hoodie with my white shirt, vintage blouse and denim jacket which are all from charity shops. My leggings are apart of my old school PE uniform, I have to keep pulling them up because they're a bit small and always fall down ahhah.

I have some more photos from yesterday afternoon which I will post later! Also seeing as I'm in wales I have lots of time on my hands so I've re-opened my formspring for a little while, feel free to ask me any questions!