happy birthday to meee :3

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello everyone today is my birthday and I am 19 and I know I look like a twelve year old it is very confusing indeed. Anyway, today I went shopping with beth :-D and my mom and grandma, and i bought lots of new stuff which includes this scarf/ shirt that im wearing woo. I'm also wearing some shorts which were trousers that I DIYed and a leather jacket from a charity shop. The necklace is from a car boot sale and my tights and socks are from primark and creepers are from ebay. I've ordered some new creepers!! They're fluffy leopard print, lets just hope they arrive :3 I am now going to watch Another and then re-watch the first series of Beyblade.

Also is anyone else freaking out because bleach is ending in 4 episodes?! supposedly...