Friday, January 13, 2012

I was walking around Camden and came across this cute panda rucksack in one of the markets and I had to get it because it was only £6! Me and my friend Jo have named it 'Princess barry the panda bag of sugarbum forest' We think that it is a very fitting name for him! I originally went to Camden to get some Creepers however they were all £90 so I tried to play my take-pity-I'm-an-impovrished-student card but it didn't work and I didn't end up getting any :'( but I did get the super nice pink blouse that I am wearing that has the really cool collar from Rokit! It was in the sale and it was only £3!

In the picture I was supposed to be wearing one of my necklaces but it kinda slid to the wrong side of my neck whilst I was taking photos and I never noticed but oh well.. Its there I swear.

The whale jumper is from a charity shop and the skirt and tights are from primark! Socks and Creepers are from ebay as usual.