Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello fair people of the blogging world! Today I bring you photographs of these fabulous primark leggings, which no doubt everyone already has but frankly I care not, as they are, simply, amazing. You can probably tell by my tragic attempt of trying to be Jane Austen that I like these leggings a lot! Or you think I'm just weird... Anyway... As I said, the leggings are from primark (there were some really cool black and white ones too with a different but equally cool pattern but they didn't have my size) The jacket, shirt, bow tie and headscarf are from charity shops. My socks and creepers are from ebay.

I keep thinking there's something I was going to write in this post and now I can't remember what it was. Oh yes! I remember! I was thinking of doing a kind of a affiliation with other blogs by putting links to other peoples blogs in my sidebar and in return those blogs would do the same for me? I used to do it all the time on my Harry Potter Forum ^_^ Anyone interested?

Also smooth criminal has been going around and around my head for the past week or so ugh ugh blah ugh.