Monday, October 3, 2011

I've moved my blog around a bit and removed the header, I'm trying to think of something to put in its place but at the same time I kind of like it without anyway. I probably wont be blogging as much as normal for a little while as I've just started Uni and everything feels really busy. In this outfit I'm wearing a green vintage shirt from Cow Vintage, another shirt over the top which is from a charity shop and an alice band from Primark. I made the skirt myself and the tights are from Primark. Both the Creepers and Socks are from ebay. Soon I hope to invest in some more platform shoes because I've developed a great love for them! Also, I finished work on Saturday so now I can actually dye my hair permanently... well ok, not permanently, but it will last a month or two! Goodbye spray in hair colour!

Also I just thought I'd add that I have remade my Confessions of a Fashion Whore blog, with the intent of actually starting to blog there again. So if you were following me on there before would you be so kind as to follow me again? Thank you!