Sunday, September 4, 2011

I couldn't decide what colour to have my fringe today so I started off with having it yellow and then I didn't like that so I put some blue on it and I thought that looked better.. Then I thought I haven't had black hair for ages so I'll have some black and pink at the back and urgh I love it maybe at the end of September I will permanently dye it like this.

I have acquired a Lamb Of God top!! I think the strange screech I let out when I was in the charity shop may have shocked all the people in there but I kind of ran over to it like FINALLY I HAVE FOUND YOU THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE! Then the shop lady told me it was half price so I got it for the grand price of £1.75 which I was rather happy about. I also bought the flannel shirt on the same day, it was 99p. I bought the tights the day before and they were 50p which I thought were a bargain until I realized the motif was rubbing off, but hey what can you expect for 50p? The socks are from Primark and my shoes are again from a charity shop. I'm getting new glasses tomorrow I can't wait, everything will be clear again!

I've got plenty more outfit photos left to post. Recently I've been taking them all in one go, you may have noticed. Its because I can never be bothered to do it when I get home, so instead I leave it until I have a free day and then I put all the outfits I've worn that week back on and take photos.

I'm about to have a look at all the blogs that posted in my 'I'll check our your blog' post.