Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Thursday I had another photoshoot with Scary Canary, a vintage and new clothing store based in Stourbridge in a little passageway called Victoria Passage. The store is quite small but very lovely and has lots of vintage and specially selected unique designs from small brands, you can check out their website here -

I did another photoshoot with them about a month ago but I forgot to put the photos on my blog so I will endeavour to do that soon!

I am wearing a blazer from a brand called Laundry Room, hence the location! The vintage blouse is from Scary Canary and the shorts are mine which I bought from a charity shop. I bought the socks in Primark and the shoes belong to Betty who was also in some photos but I will post those separately. The bows were Stacy's idea, although I'm not quite sure where she got them.