Sunday, April 3, 2011

My My Little Pony top has arrived! I have much love for ebay! I cut it up as soon as I got it, Like basically all my other tops that have been attacked with scissors. I'm also wearing a skirt which I made myself, a head band with a bow on but I have no idea where its from. A turquoise cardigan from primark and also from primark, my shoes and socks. My grandma gave me the belt, I used to have a pink one too but I have no idea where it's hiding :( I love how tacky it is as well, its like a jelly belt!

Also I have redirected my tumblr page to my blog here. This is because I really don't like tumblr anymore, I can laugh off hate very easily, but I dislike confrontation and that is what it feels like when I go on there these days, everything is so negative. Having it redirect to my blog gives my tumblr followers a chance to continue following me, that is if they want to, I do wonder sometimes. I might delete and I might not... I'm really not sure about it, maybe I'll go back to tumblr, who knows. There is just such a negative atmosphere on there, and in not being there I am hoping to post updates here daily and get rid of this mood of impending doom!

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