Monday, April 4, 2011

I should start telling people the names of the songs which my lookbook and blog posts are named as. This particular lyric "I'm searching for fragile bones" is from Evolution by Korn, who are probably my second most favorite band ever, Mr Manson being first of course!

In this look I am wearing a new top I bought last Thursday from Select! It was in the sale so obviously I had to buy it, there was another one which I haven't bought yet because sale items were buy one get one half price! I haven't worn the other one yet. I am also wearing a velvet skirt from primark which was £1! I have much love for primark sales! The belt was given to me by my grandma, I'm wearing it all the time currently, I think its my favorite accessory. I bought my tights from the Birmingham Rag Market but they were very flimsy and ripped easily, so I decided to rip them a bit more haha! Socks are from primark and the were given to me by my Nan.

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