Saturday, March 19, 2011

Top - Charity Shop
Platted Denim Belt - Not sure, I've had it since I was little.
Shorts - Primark, I changed the buttons
Ripped Tights - DIY
Dr Martens - Charity Shop

I've noticed my posts are becoming increasingly shorter text-wise, but I can't really find anything interesting to say. For the past two weeks I've ever had a very long cold, or hayfever, I'm not quite sure, but I think its hayfever. When it rains I stop sneezing for a few days and then when the sun comes out and everything drys up I start to sneeze again.

At college I've been making many many fabric samples. Yesterday my tutor introduced me to a magical machine which I think is called a felting machine, although I could be wrong but that's what it does, it makes felt and other weird and wonderful fabrics. I spent the entire day using different coloured wools and organza, meshing them all together to create some kind of thick but still see through fabric. They're really cool and squishy, they'd make really cool cushions or pillows, but I'm not sure how you'd wash them because they'd probably end up in a huge mushy mess.