Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The killer whale galaxy jumper is from a charity shop in wales, the shorts were originally trousers but I cut the legs off, I bought them from a charity shop. I got the glittery tights from ebay and the glittery shoes from Urban Outfitters in the sale.

I'm going to wales again on friday to stay at my nan and grandads. I can't wait, they have the best charity shops in wales!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Today whilst out shopping for my friends birthday present I found these lovely jumpers! As you have probably already noticed, my love for glittery cute things is growing at an alarming rate. I may end up using some of these jumpers/ cardigan in my project, although I'm not too sure if I can really bring myself to cut them up. Of course, I'll have to cut up the smallest jumper (4th photo) as its for a 2-3 year old. Your probably wondering why on earth I bought it if its that size, but have you seen it?! How could I resist? They were 50p, so obviously I bought two. Maybe I'll be able to make my dogs some leg warmers or a dog coat; they have arthritis in their legs so its not very nice for them when it gets cold, although they still run around the park like mad things.

Its my friend's birthday today, Happy Birthday Elliver!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I got this jumper from cow vintage, I think it was a bargain! I wasn't actually planning to buy anything on that particular shopping trip, I was actually on my way to the rag market to get some fabric for college but on my way I stopped at Cow, UO, Topshop, Selfridges and Miss Selfridge and New Look which, when in birmingham, are my usual shopping destinations. Anyway, at cow the majority of jumpers on the rail were priced at £18, I saw this one and though oh my god it looks amazing (It really was the nicest one there!) but there was no price tag on it, and I was worried it was going to be around £20 because its covered in pearls and has really nice baby coloured unusual yarns, so I took it up to the counter thinking that I could stretch to no more than £18. When I got to the counter the lady told me it was £12, I think she may have just guessed, but ah well, their loss, my gain!

I've also learnt to use a knitting machine, so soon enough I will be getting some yarn and rescuing my knitting machine from the loft! Hopefully I can make something wearable. Does anyone know where to get some nice yarn from?

I got the tights from ebay and the glittery shoes, which you can't see very well, I apologize, are from Urban Outfitters, they were in the sale for £10! The skirt which I've worn so many times before is from primark.

My hair is back to blonde again now but if anyone was wondering, I used Wella Shaders and Toners again in Rich Mahogany. It went the colour which I wanted my hair to go at new year. This time I wanted it to be red but it turned out pink, so obviously not a very reliable dye but I like all shades of pink and red so I can't really go wrong.