Saturday, January 1, 2011

As you can tell, I'm quite obsessed with these velvet leggings at the moment, I think they were a real bargain seeing as I actually got them in the sale in primark, I mean, who would not want these? Well I can think of a lot of people but thats not the point they are amazing, and only £3 which I do believe is an excellent bargain. I bought the top on thursday from a Charity Shop, they were also having a sale on all the christmas/ party wear/ anything that sparkles, so I managed to get this top for £1.25 along with a gorgeous gold shimmery cardigan which I will probably post at a later date when I find something to wear it with. I'm wearing my converse/pump-like high heels which were from select, once again in the sale, for £9, and the cardigan is from a charity shop also.

After I took these pictures last night I put one on lookbook then I rushed out of the house to go to my boyfriends for the new year, which was lovelyy. He cooked me a plate of yorkshire puddings! I love yorkshire puddings.

Happy New Year everyone!