I like tacky things

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recently I've become obsessed with tacky things, I've even based my college project around it. Its about make do and mend, which means all the fabric has to be either old or really cheap. The designs are inspired by current designers, things I find interesting and also future trend predictions that you can find in Textile View. I've even created a sort of online research journal/ collection of images that I like here on tumblr, simply for the purpose of keeping me inspired.

The other day I went searching through my fabric draw and found this blue satin, I bought it about a year and a half ago with the intention of making a prom dress to sell but it never really happened so I decided instead I would use it to make a top! I bought the lace from a car boot sale for 10p and the fabric was around £3 a meter, and I only used about a quarter of a meter to make the top, so all in all, quite a cheap item of clothing! And I really like it.

As for the outfit, I bought the bird blouse a while ago from a charity shop, it was before I even knew about the muimui print and when I first posted it on lookbook everyone was like "OMG its the muimui print" so I googled it, and I was really quite happy that I had found such a nice thing in a charity shop. Its from a label called Influence, if anyone knows them? I googled them and Motel came up so maybe they used to sell through Motel. I bought the highwaisted shorts at a charity shop, the spotty tights at the rag market in Birmingham and the shoes were my nans but she decided to give them to me, thanks Nan!