I like tacky things

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recently I've become obsessed with tacky things, I've even based my college project around it. Its about make do and mend, which means all the fabric has to be either old or really cheap. The designs are inspired by current designers, things I find interesting and also future trend predictions that you can find in Textile View. I've even created a sort of online research journal/ collection of images that I like here on tumblr, simply for the purpose of keeping me inspired.

The other day I went searching through my fabric draw and found this blue satin, I bought it about a year and a half ago with the intention of making a prom dress to sell but it never really happened so I decided instead I would use it to make a top! I bought the lace from a car boot sale for 10p and the fabric was around £3 a meter, and I only used about a quarter of a meter to make the top, so all in all, quite a cheap item of clothing! And I really like it.

As for the outfit, I bought the bird blouse a while ago from a charity shop, it was before I even knew about the muimui print and when I first posted it on lookbook everyone was like "OMG its the muimui print" so I googled it, and I was really quite happy that I had found such a nice thing in a charity shop. Its from a label called Influence, if anyone knows them? I googled them and Motel came up so maybe they used to sell through Motel. I bought the highwaisted shorts at a charity shop, the spotty tights at the rag market in Birmingham and the shoes were my nans but she decided to give them to me, thanks Nan!

You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar

Saturday, January 15, 2011

This is what I wore today, a blouse from the charity shops, primark velvet skirt and dark pink ribbed tights which are also from primark. I think I wear too much velvet, although, I'm not sure if thats a good or bad thing. I think half of my wardrobe is made up of velvet, wow, imagine a velvet wardrobe.

I've had quite a few messages today about what product I used for my pink fringe. I used a spray on hair colour which washes straight out without you having to be worried about it staining or basically just not washing out, which means its perfect for me as I can't have un-nautral hair colours for work.

I went out today after work and bought the red and blue to add to my collection. They also come in little tubes of gel which I think is more suitable for those with short hair. I bought mine from Superdrug, but they also stock them in Boots and I saw a similar range in Wilkinson. I bought my pink spray years ago when I had black hair hoping that it would make my hair pink, which it didn't, it just looked all weird with bits of flakey pink-ness so I would advise that if you're going to buy some you only do so if you have light hair, because you might be a little disappointed. You can see the whole range here. Also it sometimes its rubs off on your face haha! Last night I lifted up my fringe and underneath my skin was bright pink!


Friday, January 14, 2011

I really missed my colourful fringe so I went rummaging in the hair draw and I found my old spray in dye. When I had black hair I tried using this and it turned out terrible but it looks really good on blonde hair! And it also washes out straight away which means if I have to go to work all I have to do is wash my hair and its gone, so I think I'll be buying one of these in every colour!

I can't remember where its from but when I do I'll post with a link where you can buy it!

In this look my cardigan and blouse are from charity shops, I made the skirt myself, the tights are from Birmingham Rag Market and the shoes are from primark!

I have to go to bed now, goodnight!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm selling this vintage blouse and knitted polo top on ebay, starting price £2

I will post worldwide :)!

I'm also selling a Vivienne Westwood book, unfortunately for me its in German not English and seeing as I can't read German its of no use to me, apart from the pretty pictures. I'm not sure anyone is interested in it but I thought I'd say just incase!

1980's PARTY!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It was my Aunties birthday yesterday and she had a 1980's Fancy Dress! I decided to dress in a similar style to Siouxsie Sioux/ Strawberry Switchblade, which is basically how my mom and her friends used to dress everyday when they were my age. I actually really like this kinda look and I might actually consider doing my hair like this more often!

The last picture is a quite terrible one of me from the party. I would post some other peoples outfits although I'm not too sure they would be happy with me putting photos of them on the internet.

I got both the vintage jacket and the gold jumper from a charity shop, the leggings are from primark and the studded shoes are from matalan. I got the belt a few years ago from a chairty shop, I used to wear it all the time when I was younger along with anything that was black, with black hair, black eyeliner and anything that was generally black. The necklaces were given to me for christmas and birthdays from my Grandma!

It took ages to get the knots out of my hair this morning!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

These are some more of the prints I did at college, this one is of Polly (http://pollypocketbb.tumblr.com/)

I'll post some more tomorrow, at the moment I'm making a mood board on photoshop.

Guess what! I'm no longer a fine art student, I've transferred over to fashion! I'm not entirely sure I'm going to like it, because I did it last year and it wasn't all that great, we only got to make one garment and they didn't really teach us how to pattern cut. It was all based on research and design, which I understand is important but I'd rather be sewing because once I get an idea in my head, if I don't make it straight away its replaced by a shiny new idea, and then another, and another and I end up getting very confused.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

As you can tell, I'm quite obsessed with these velvet leggings at the moment, I think they were a real bargain seeing as I actually got them in the sale in primark, I mean, who would not want these? Well I can think of a lot of people but thats not the point they are amazing, and only £3 which I do believe is an excellent bargain. I bought the top on thursday from a Charity Shop, they were also having a sale on all the christmas/ party wear/ anything that sparkles, so I managed to get this top for £1.25 along with a gorgeous gold shimmery cardigan which I will probably post at a later date when I find something to wear it with. I'm wearing my converse/pump-like high heels which were from select, once again in the sale, for £9, and the cardigan is from a charity shop also.

After I took these pictures last night I put one on lookbook then I rushed out of the house to go to my boyfriends for the new year, which was lovelyy. He cooked me a plate of yorkshire puddings! I love yorkshire puddings.

Happy New Year everyone!