Wednesday, December 8, 2010
I've been doing a project at college about how people are fascinated of looking at pictures of other people on the internet. Kind of how some are internet "famous" and questioning how and why that is. I've focused on lots of different bloggers, with the idea in mind that blogging is like 5 minuets of fame, if you say or post the wrong or right thing at the right time you can instantly be catapulted to to internet stardom within a matter of seconds.

Over the past year of blogging I've noticed that being thrown into the lime light can either be one of the best things that will probably ever happen to you or a long, grueling bombardment of hate which will eventually make you think twice before switching the computer on. Just the other day I watched a girl on Tumblr gain over 10,000 followers in just 10 minuets because she posted a picture of a girl that she said was her bestfriend and under the picture it said that she had committed suicide the day before because of internet bullying. She said that tumblr should be ashamed of bullying this girl, when the girl who posted the picture in the first place had things written on her profile like "Delete ur life" and "Fxcking Die". In the end it turned out the girl was just posting a picture of herself, trying to get attention, but in those short 10 minuets she got around 500 messages of hate and spam and the girl ended up deleting her tumblr by the end of the night. Another example I would have to say is Jessi Slaughter, and I think we all know why. Some good examples on the other hand are people such as Shelley Mulshine (http://www.loststhlm.se/shelley/) Andy T (http://www.stylescrapbook.com/) and the blogger from fashiontoast who's name I think is Rumi Lenora? (http://www.fashiontoast.com/) Who actually get money from blogging because they are so successful.

I suppose that you could count the above bloggers as famous, however at the same time they are just people who pretty much write their diary online behind their computer screen, and despite the fact you know who they are, you're friends probably wouldn't have a clue, I know my friends don't, they would rather have a life, I really don't understand them...

My first tshirt print was of Nadia Esra, to create it I first printed out a photo of her from her blog and drew it in my sketchbook. I then photocopied my drawing and used it to create a mono print which I think also photocopied on to Acetate and finally transferred it onto a photo screen for printing in the textile room!

I did ask Nadia before I used her photos! I'm going to email her now, or maybe tomorrow morning because its my bedtime now, and show her the tshirts, I hope she likes them! There are more to come, they just haven't dried yet!

Thanks for reading!