Friday, December 17, 2010

I only created Style Journals a few days ago and already it has brought 100 new visitors to my blog, which I think is really good seeing as only 9 people have joined as of yet and I'd love for them to be getting as many visitors as I am! I'm hoping this website will be a big hit! As you can see I've made a banner to hopefully make it look a bit more presentable, but I'm stuck on what to do for the background, I may just leave it white. Its difficult because my screen is really wide and I'm forever getting background sizes wrong these days because of it.

I'm hoping that Style Journals will be a good way of getting new visitors to everyone's blogs. I'm also thinking of resetting the hits every week/ two weeks/ month, whichever is more effective, so that everyone will get a chance to get onto the top page. Also, at the top of the page before the list there is a featured blog which is chosen at random every hour/ few hours. I was also thinking of doing some kind of blog of the week? But that's only if lots of people join. Anyone can join as long as your blog is slightly style related and really, style covers everything, and it can be on any blogging platform!

To join, all you need is about two minuets, a few words about your blog and if you want, a 88 x 31 pixel banner which will go next to your blog description on Style Journals. You then have to place the Style Journals mini banner somewhere on your blog, this is how you will get hits or "votes" as they are called on topsites.

Join Style Journals

If you have any questions you can post them below or email them to me!

I hope you consider joining,
Thanks for reading!
Kayla x x x