Tuesday, December 21, 2010
For some unknown reason over the past two months my blog seems to have shot upwards in popularity and suddenly I find myself approaching 1000 followers. This can only mean one thing, giveaway. I can't say I have many things to giveaway, but as I've seen on other blogs and as I'm hoping, I've noticed that some people donate things? I'm not sure if anyone will, but say if you have a etsy or ebay shop or an online store and you want to get some more visitors and customers then maybe you could send me a small item and I'll blog about it across my many blogs!

To be entered into the competition you have to be following me on either blogspot or bloglovin, or both. I know that seems a bit confusing as I'm only counting when I get to 1000 on blogspot but seeing as some people don't have blogspot it makes more sense to include both of them otherwise some people would miss out.

1. Follow this blog on blogspot. (1 Entry)
2. Follow this blog on bloglovin (1 Entry)
3. Tweet this giveaway to Twitter (1 Extra Entry)
4. Share this giveaway on Facebook (1 Extra Entry)

You can enter up to 4 times, but you must have me added on either blogspot or bloglovin. Also if you were to post below I would greatly appreciate it so that I know who has entered, also tell me if you have entered 1, 2, 3 or 4 times, and leave your email or some kind of contact info please, thank you!

This is another tshirt that I printed for my college project.
The print is a continuous line drawing in ink of myself. I then used the original drawing to create a mono print and then transferred it onto a photo screen so I could print it onto tshirts :)

I will add more things to the list, and I'm hoping to include a bag which I printed myself too!

EDIT: Seeing as it took only a matter of hours after I posted this to get to 1000 followers, I'm thinking of extending it 1500. I said I would get some other things for the giveaway and I never got chance to because it was over so fast. I thought it would be a few weeks before I got to 1000 and I was really surprised when I came on here the next morning to find I had reached the mark! Thanks so much everyone! I'll post about all the extra stuff when I have it!

Thanks for reading
Kayla x x x