Friday, December 31, 2010

I decided to dye my fringe pink, I think I dyed too much of it haha, and it was supposed to be reddypink but I think its more red than reddypink but hey, its alright I suppose! Its a wash in wash out dye so it should have washed out by the end of the week although last time I did it it took about 2 weeks to wash out completely, but thats probably because my hair is bleached, when I used to use it on my black hair it washed out within a day and it wasnt really very effective.

I used Wella Shaders and Toners in Mahogany, just incase anyone wanted to know. I bought mine from Wilkinson but you can get it from Superdrug and Boots, I don't think they do it online but I did find it on the Loyds Pharmacy website here. Maybe next time I will use the Plum colour and dye it purple!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

I really should have posted this yesterday but ah well, I'm finally getting round to it, not that I've been doing much else. This is what I wore yesterday. I've had the santa hat for as long as I can remember, I'm not sure where its from, it seems quite old. The jumper is from a charity shop. The velvet leggings are from primark, I thought they were quite festive so I decided to pop them on and the shoes are from a charity shop.

I had a blackberry for Christmas but unfortunately the internet was so slow it took over 30 minutes to load one page, well, more like I gave up after 30 minutes. Its fine when the wifi is turned on but what about when I want to use it whilst I'm outside the house? which is the reason why I bought it in the first place. I took it back this morning to the dreaded overcrowded shopping center and they exchanged it for a new one straight away because they said it shouldn't even take up to five minuets to load a webpage, so I was quite pleased with that. I'm charging the new one as we speak, I hope it works!

Merry Christmas!
Kayla x x x

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When this memory fades, I'm gonna make sure it's replaced

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This was yesterday's outfit. I love this jumper so much, it was the first vintage jumper I ever bought, in fact its probably the first vintage thing I ever bought. I got it from a really good quality vintage store at Clothes Show Live 2009, the store was full of amazing and what looked like genuine good quality authentic vintage clothes, I got two jumpers for £30 which at the time I thought it was a pretty good deal, and I still kind of do seeing as I haven't been able to find a store as good as this since. I wish I could remember the name..

I can't remember where I got the skirt from, I've had it since I was about 9, I cut it really short when I was about 14 and now its really frayed but I like it!

The tights are from Topshop, they were £8 which I think is an absolute rip off for tights seeing as a few weeks later I saw them in Primark for £2

The shoes are from Primark, I need some new ones as those have really gone out of shape..

I got the head scarf from a charity shop.

Thanks for reading!
Kayla x x x


Tuesday, December 21, 2010
For some unknown reason over the past two months my blog seems to have shot upwards in popularity and suddenly I find myself approaching 1000 followers. This can only mean one thing, giveaway. I can't say I have many things to giveaway, but as I've seen on other blogs and as I'm hoping, I've noticed that some people donate things? I'm not sure if anyone will, but say if you have a etsy or ebay shop or an online store and you want to get some more visitors and customers then maybe you could send me a small item and I'll blog about it across my many blogs!

To be entered into the competition you have to be following me on either blogspot or bloglovin, or both. I know that seems a bit confusing as I'm only counting when I get to 1000 on blogspot but seeing as some people don't have blogspot it makes more sense to include both of them otherwise some people would miss out.

1. Follow this blog on blogspot. (1 Entry)
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You can enter up to 4 times, but you must have me added on either blogspot or bloglovin. Also if you were to post below I would greatly appreciate it so that I know who has entered, also tell me if you have entered 1, 2, 3 or 4 times, and leave your email or some kind of contact info please, thank you!

This is another tshirt that I printed for my college project.
The print is a continuous line drawing in ink of myself. I then used the original drawing to create a mono print and then transferred it onto a photo screen so I could print it onto tshirts :)

I will add more things to the list, and I'm hoping to include a bag which I printed myself too!

EDIT: Seeing as it took only a matter of hours after I posted this to get to 1000 followers, I'm thinking of extending it 1500. I said I would get some other things for the giveaway and I never got chance to because it was over so fast. I thought it would be a few weeks before I got to 1000 and I was really surprised when I came on here the next morning to find I had reached the mark! Thanks so much everyone! I'll post about all the extra stuff when I have it!

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Kayla x x x


Friday, December 17, 2010

I only created Style Journals a few days ago and already it has brought 100 new visitors to my blog, which I think is really good seeing as only 9 people have joined as of yet and I'd love for them to be getting as many visitors as I am! I'm hoping this website will be a big hit! As you can see I've made a banner to hopefully make it look a bit more presentable, but I'm stuck on what to do for the background, I may just leave it white. Its difficult because my screen is really wide and I'm forever getting background sizes wrong these days because of it.

I'm hoping that Style Journals will be a good way of getting new visitors to everyone's blogs. I'm also thinking of resetting the hits every week/ two weeks/ month, whichever is more effective, so that everyone will get a chance to get onto the top page. Also, at the top of the page before the list there is a featured blog which is chosen at random every hour/ few hours. I was also thinking of doing some kind of blog of the week? But that's only if lots of people join. Anyone can join as long as your blog is slightly style related and really, style covers everything, and it can be on any blogging platform!

To join, all you need is about two minuets, a few words about your blog and if you want, a 88 x 31 pixel banner which will go next to your blog description on Style Journals. You then have to place the Style Journals mini banner somewhere on your blog, this is how you will get hits or "votes" as they are called on topsites.

Join Style Journals

If you have any questions you can post them below or email them to me!

I hope you consider joining,
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I shed the skin to feed the fake

This is what I wore yesterday when I went to Birmingham. The jumper is from a car boot sale that I went to this summer, the head scarf and vintage blouse are from Charity Shops. The leggings were on sale in Primark for £3 so obviously I bought two pairs, one in purple and another in red which I'm wearing at the moment. I bought the boots one day after college when I felt a sudden urge to go into a charity shop. I had been thinking "Hmm I need some new boots". It must have been fate because they were just sat there on the shelf looking at me innocently.

Heart this outfit on Teen Vogue!

This is another outfit for Teen Vogue Fashion Click! I'll post again in a few minuets about some other special stuff!

Thanks for reading!
- Kayla x x x


Thursday, December 16, 2010
Remember this? Well I guess I can now finally reveal whats inside the pretty purple package!

It is infact a necklace from Stolen Thunder which has "Charity Shops Rule" written across it. I love it, its my favourite peice from them, mainly because I love charity shops because they obviously rule very much. Since giving me this necklace ST have come out with a matching ring with I also think is adorable! Check them both out here and here! I couldn't post this in my previous post that I made a few minuets ago because that one is being posted on the Teen Vogue website which unfortunately can't include any promotional stuff, but ah well it means all you lot get the lovely discount!

Stolen Thunder are offering a 15% discount to all of my followers on any of their items, all you have to do is type the code KAYLAH in at the checkout! The offer is valid until January 31st, so enjoy it while it lasts!


This was an outfit I wore a couple of days ago, I decided to put it all back on so that I could take some photos because I quite liked it! The flannel shirt is from Cow Vintage, the Vintage Nirvana shirt is reworked from an original tshirt (I would be too scared to cut it up myself!) It was from a vintage store called Rabbit Works at Clothes Show Live. I got the shorts from a charity shop, tights from primark and my green dr martens are from ebay!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010
I put up the Christmas decorations on Sunday and now I feel really christmasy, I want to make loads of decorations and Christmas cookies!

This morning when I put the computer on I had a sudden brainwave and I thought it would be really cool if I started a Topsite. When I used to go on my Harry Potter forum when I was younger I would post a link and a banner on Harry Potter topsites and I'd constantly be trying to get more hits so that my forum would be at the top of the page. I thought it would be a cool idea to create one for fashion blogs!

I haven't finished the graphics yet, eventually there should be a header and maybe a background.. or I might just leave the background white. Anyway, how it works is that when you join you get a vote banner code, you put the vote banner code onto your blog and when people click on it, it will go onto the topsites list. The amount of hits/ click throughs you get will determine how high up you are on the list, which means it can change all the time. You will probably need a 88x31px banner, but its not necessary. You have to click on the banner from your blog to activate it so that your blog shows up on the website, but sometimes it does take some time. Its a good way to get new visitors, well, it will be if lots of people join haha! Anyone can join, as long as your blog is slightly fashion related!

Slowly Recall All Your Mind

Friday, December 10, 2010
This was what I wore on Wednesday, it was really cold, I had three more jumpers on under that one!

The Jumper is from a charity shop, it was only £1, I think the volunteers there must have thought it was ugly because its old and so they were selling it cheaply. My scarf was from primark, I bought it about 2 years ago, its from the mens section, I couldn't find any I liked in the womens. The pocket watch is from a Jewelers at a Car Boot Sale, it was only £3. I had seen them before in Urban Outfitters and I really wanted one so when I saw this one at the car boot sale I had to get it! My jeans are from Primark, there a really dull khaki colour, but I like them, it makes them a bit different from the average blue jeans, I think they were £8. I get most of my jeans from primark, mainly because there cheap and seem to be just as good as any other jeans. The shoes are my nans, she gave them to me this summer and I haven't worn them yet but they are really comfy!

I wish blogspot wouldn't resize my images to this small, I don't understand why it does it, and if I try to make them bigger there pixelated :( This should hopefully be my first post on Teen Vogue Fashion Click! EDIT: Yep, here it is!

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010
I've been doing a project at college about how people are fascinated of looking at pictures of other people on the internet. Kind of how some are internet "famous" and questioning how and why that is. I've focused on lots of different bloggers, with the idea in mind that blogging is like 5 minuets of fame, if you say or post the wrong or right thing at the right time you can instantly be catapulted to to internet stardom within a matter of seconds.

Over the past year of blogging I've noticed that being thrown into the lime light can either be one of the best things that will probably ever happen to you or a long, grueling bombardment of hate which will eventually make you think twice before switching the computer on. Just the other day I watched a girl on Tumblr gain over 10,000 followers in just 10 minuets because she posted a picture of a girl that she said was her bestfriend and under the picture it said that she had committed suicide the day before because of internet bullying. She said that tumblr should be ashamed of bullying this girl, when the girl who posted the picture in the first place had things written on her profile like "Delete ur life" and "Fxcking Die". In the end it turned out the girl was just posting a picture of herself, trying to get attention, but in those short 10 minuets she got around 500 messages of hate and spam and the girl ended up deleting her tumblr by the end of the night. Another example I would have to say is Jessi Slaughter, and I think we all know why. Some good examples on the other hand are people such as Shelley Mulshine ( Andy T ( and the blogger from fashiontoast who's name I think is Rumi Lenora? ( Who actually get money from blogging because they are so successful.

I suppose that you could count the above bloggers as famous, however at the same time they are just people who pretty much write their diary online behind their computer screen, and despite the fact you know who they are, you're friends probably wouldn't have a clue, I know my friends don't, they would rather have a life, I really don't understand them...

My first tshirt print was of Nadia Esra, to create it I first printed out a photo of her from her blog and drew it in my sketchbook. I then photocopied my drawing and used it to create a mono print which I think also photocopied on to Acetate and finally transferred it onto a photo screen for printing in the textile room!

I did ask Nadia before I used her photos! I'm going to email her now, or maybe tomorrow morning because its my bedtime now, and show her the tshirts, I hope she likes them! There are more to come, they just haven't dried yet!

Thanks for reading!


Friday, December 3, 2010
Here is what I bought at Clothes Show Live today! It was really good, there were loads of vintage stores! The Nebula/ Galaxy tshirts are from a tshirt company called Your Eyes Lie, they were in the sale and they were only £5 each! I got the band tshirts from a vintage store and the two dresses are re-worked vintage flannel shirts from Motel!

Sorry I don't have time to post more, I will later but now its time for bed, goodnight! x x x


Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Hannah Millard, the photographer from the Stolen Thunder photoshoot has uploaded some extra photos from the shoot! You can see more of Hannah's work on her blog, !