Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It snowed today! Me and my friends ran around college like 5 year old's every time we see even the tiniest bit of snow, which always makes the day a bit more exciting.

I'm sorry its been so long since I last updated, I wanted to wait until Teen Vogue accepted me, but they still haven't got back to me, I'm starting to think they don't actually want me to blog there but then again, why would they ask me? I'm thinking of sending them another email.

I don't really have any new clothes to show you because I haven't been shopping as I haven't had time, but thats all due to change on friday as I have two tickets for Clothes Show Live! My mom won the tickets, otherwise I wouldn't be going, I love my mom! Me and my friend Ellie will be there, hopefully there will be lots of amazing clothes, I can't wait! Its the only thing which I am hoping the snow will stop for! I'll take lots of pictures whilst I'm there and tell you all which stores are there this year!

Here is today's outfit, under about 10 other layers!

Thanks for reading! x x x