Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It snowed today! Me and my friends ran around college like 5 year old's every time we see even the tiniest bit of snow, which always makes the day a bit more exciting.

I'm sorry its been so long since I last updated, I wanted to wait until Teen Vogue accepted me, but they still haven't got back to me, I'm starting to think they don't actually want me to blog there but then again, why would they ask me? I'm thinking of sending them another email.

I don't really have any new clothes to show you because I haven't been shopping as I haven't had time, but thats all due to change on friday as I have two tickets for Clothes Show Live! My mom won the tickets, otherwise I wouldn't be going, I love my mom! Me and my friend Ellie will be there, hopefully there will be lots of amazing clothes, I can't wait! Its the only thing which I am hoping the snow will stop for! I'll take lots of pictures whilst I'm there and tell you all which stores are there this year!

Here is today's outfit, under about 10 other layers!

Thanks for reading! x x x


Wednesday, November 10, 2010
I finally made a public facebook! The other day Teen Vogue emailed me asking me to apply to blog on their website, I'm rather flattered that they asked me but I think anyone with a fashion blog can apply. Whilst applying I noticed I would have to use facebook to sign in and I didn't want to connect to my private account so I made another one, which I've decided to use as a public account. You can add me if you want!
Kayla Hadlington

Thanks to everyone who commented, messaged and emailed me pictures of themselves for my art project, I have been literally bombarded, I am very grateful! I've looked through most of them but I still have quite a few to see, I'm pretty much spoilt for choice.

You may have noticed that I've changed my layout. I've been working on it for roughly about four hours, the html has been a nightmare; my brain can only understand so much gibberish until it explodes, but now I've got it working I really like it! I think its a bit more tidy and professional looking than the last layout.

Last night I came home to find this wonderfully packaged parcel on my desk, anyone want to take a guess at what it is? Well, I'm afraid you'll have to because I wont be revealing the mystery item until next week!

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- Kayla x x x


Monday, November 8, 2010

College ended early for me today and I was going to go straight home but I thought I would just pop into the charity shop on the way to the bus stop and I found these beauty's! I love them and there so soft and look like they've been constantly worn for the past 20 years! You can't really see the detail that much in the photos, for some reason Blogspot seems to really destroy the quality of photos when you upload them..

Also I've had a few messages from people saying they've bought style dairies from Urban Outfitters! I was really excited about this so I went on the website to see if it was true and it is! You can buy it here for £16.99. Its also being sold in Waterstones for the same price.

Yesterday I reached 700 followers! Thanks so much everyone! I'm thinking I will have to do some kind of give away when I reach 1000.

Thanks for reading!
Kayla x x x


Thursday, November 4, 2010
I'm afraid there are only 3 things on my ebay at the moment, simply because I didn't have time over the holiday to put everything on there.. and I defiantly don't have time whilst its term time and I'm at college and work... so here are the three things I've managed to upload! I will ship worldwide :)

Vintage Floral Blazer
Starting Price £4
This is a size M-L!
You can also see it here on my lookbook :)

Vintage Floral Playsuit/ Romper René Derhy
Starting Price £6
The label says size 12 but please check measurements!
I will ship worldwide!


Monday, November 1, 2010
I decided to make a video instead of writing this time, so expect lots of long pauses and weirdness! These are some of the things I've bought since going back to college in September, which isn't a lot I'm afraid, mainly just coats and warm things!

I don't think I'll be doing these too often, I prefer writing, its just finding the effort to take photos, edit and upload them then write about everything for 3 or 4 hours is rather difficult sometimes.

Also, I have a request for my followers! That is if your a follower on lookbook, tumblr, here or wherever! I'm starting a new project at college, its about the fascination people have with looking at photos of other people and why they find them so interesting. Its a print making project so I've decided to print tshirts and I was hoping to get other people involved by sending some printed shirts out to people, and I also want to sell some on ebay. Basically, I need some photos of peoples faces, so if your willing, just give me a link to a photo of yourself here or email/ formspring me one, I'd really apprichiate it!

Don't worry I wont be printing the photo, I'll draw you and then probably edit the drawing and do lots of fancy stuff and then print it! It'll be fun, and you may even end up with a free tshirt, although I cant promise I'll use everyones photo!

Thanks for.. watching!
- Kayla