Sunday, September 19, 2010
Here's a sneak peek from today's photoshoot for Stolen Thunder! If you don't already know them, they sell their own handmade jewelry using materials like cherry wood, supple Italian leather and vintage style chains.

I had lots of fun with Alice, Joy and Hannah.I've never done any modeling before so this was really cool! I will post more once they've been published.
Check out Hannah's Photography and the Stolen Thunder Website!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

I had my hair highlighed on thursday. Its been about 5 months since I had it done and I had them all the way through so now I feel like my hair is super blonde! I had it done at one of the colleges beauty salons near where I live, and they did a really good job, it was like being at a professional salon! It almost looks like an all over colour but I like it, and it was only £15 so for the amount of foils they put in it was good value! Only downside was that it took 5 hours because there students and everything has to keep being checked on by the tutors. Unfortunately it was really damaged at the bottom so its had a lot chopped off.. well, ok the other day I took an inch off the bottom myself but it was like split end central!

I hate the bottom picture haha, I kept trying to smile but it just turned into a weird goofy smile, or maybe its just the weird pose.. Ah well

EDIT: I'm doing something really cool tomorrow (why I got my hair highlighed in the first place) and I'll put pics up either tomorrow night or monday!


Saturday, September 4, 2010
I'm looking for some cheap wedges on ebay, turns out there aren't any however I've found some really nice ones at around £20-£50 so I thought I'd post them here!
I love these although I'm not too sure on the huge curve on the heel, they still look really cool though and i think theyd look really good with a studded leather jacket, although that might be a bit too much of leather and stud overload but it could work..

I thought these were so cool, basically just because of the colour, they match the colour of my room! Also I have never seen a bright pink pair of wedges before and I loveee them, because there not full on barbie pink but a bit of a deeper nicer pink but still quite in your face.

I like these because there both very basic and I know that they are around a lot but they go with almost anything, especially the black ones, and I really like the camel coloured ones too.

I actually love these, I like the block colour thing, it makes them more unusual. The come in a dark murky purple colour too which I also like although I think I prefer the blue ones.

If you like the whole cowboy boots thing I think these are really cool, they look like cowboy boots but at the same time they don't look anything like them which I think is really cool. I also love the studs, and they come in a nude colour too!

Finally I think these are perfect for winter! I really want some.. If I have enough money I might get them. I love that they have a little buckle on the side, it makes them look more sophisticated, I think without it they might look like glorified uggs, ok maybe not as far as uggs but they just wouldn't be as cool. They also come in grey and black!

Thanks for reading!
Kayla x x x