Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Sorry I haven't updated in so long! I've been meaning to write something but I haven't been shopping because I've run out of money! Well ok, I went shopping yesterday with the money I got back from selling my old clothes on ebay. British summer seems to of decided its ended and we've skipped autumn and gone straight into winter; so I like to refrain from trying on lots of clothes and taking photos, which is a very cold activity unless the radiators are turned up really high. Which means these photos aren't very good, but I'm sure you'll see them in better detail sometime soon on lookbook.

Which reminds me, get yourself down to the charity shops right now, they all have sales on!

Both of these blouses were in the sale at the Salvation Army. The pale blue/ lilac lace collar blouse was reduced to £1 and the really cool 80's kinda print top was £1.50 I had seen it a few weeks ago and thought that it was really cool but it was £3.00 and I thought that was a bit silly because its only a cropped blouse! but seeing as they reduced it I decided I would get it!

I also found these vintage Armani jeans! I don't know if I'm going to wear them or not, there the same style as the highwaisted turn up levi jeans Urban Outfitters were selling.. or may still be selling I'm not sure I'd have to check the website. Either way, I already have a similar pair except mine are lighter, but I still might sell these ones. They smell and look like they've never been worn!

My boyfriend bought most of this playsuit for me, it was also from a charity shop but I was a bit put off by the price but he said he'd give me £3 towards it which I took reluctantly (I hate it when he buys me stuff haha!) Its a size 14 so it really needs to be adjusted a lot to fit me but its so pretty! Also you can just see the cris-cros detail across the back of the playsuit (I forgot to take a photo) but it goes from shoulder to shoulder and its so nice! So I'm hoping I'll be able to change it so that it fits me because its sooo beautiful!

Also speaking of altering clothes, last week I went to my second cousins wedding and I decided to wear the blue dress which I posted before the ebay update. I altered the length and I also took the waist in a bit seeing as it was a size 18 but it turned out really well! (despite the fact my mom said it was too short haha)

I wore it with the black fur coat I got at a car boot sale a few months ago and some pale pink/lilac/nude shoes my nan gave me.

The photos of all the other items I bought weren't very good so I'll re take those and post them another time! However seeing as you can see them anyway (kind of) in the photo at the top I will go over them briefly. The green top is actually a dress which I need to alter just like the one I did for my cousins wedding. I'm wearing the red blouse at the moment with some bluetights, shorts, a white cardigan and white lace up shoes, I might take a photo of it for lookbook but I don't know if I can bare the cold... Ok I may be over reacting a little bit but honestly this weather change is quite a shock to the system! Also there is a cream cotton blouse with some acorns on. I ran into my Grandma whilst I was going round the charity shops yesterday and she insisted that she buy it rather than me, I don't like it when she buys me stuff, she should spend it on herself! I am very grateful though, shes always buying me brooches too, I've got quite a collection now!

Finally in the bottom right hand corner there is a really nice dark blue-aqua coloured blouse with a pink pattern and its just the most beautiful colour ever! It will defiantly be on lookbook sometime soon!

Also I found out a few weeks ago my Mom and my Grandma read my blog haha......

Thanks for reading!
Kayla x x x


Saturday, August 14, 2010
I've put some more clothes on my ebay, and there will be more to come as my bedroom is overflowing, but for the moment I thought I would post the pictures here and give you the link! Everything is from £3-£4 starting price and I will ship worldwide :)

This is a really lovely vintage thick cotton shirt with a very small dogtooth print pattern
This would look really good with a pair of ripped tights and some doc martens!
Perfect for any vintage lover!
In good vintage condition!
The label says size M
It is slightly too long for me.
Would fit a size 10-14 depending on how baggy you would want it to look. (Model is a size 8)

Actual Chest Measurement of Shirt: 23 inches (Across the front) (46 inches in total)
Please check your chest measurement before purchasing.

This is a really lovely vintage thick cotton shirt.
This would look really good with a pair of ripped tights and some doc martens!
Perfect for any vintage lover!
In good vintage condition!
The label says size 16
It is slightly too long for me.
Would fit a size 10-16 depending on how baggy you would want it to look. (Model is a size 8)
Actual Chest Measurement of Shirt: 24 inches (Across the front) (48 inches in total)
Please check your chest measurement before purchasing.

This is a really lovely vintage denim blouse with a floral printed pattern.
Perfect for any vintage lover or anyone who loves the floral trend!
In good vintage condition!
The label says size 14.
Would fit a size 6-14 depending on how baggy you would want it to look. (Model is a size 8)
Actual Chest Measurement of Blouse: 21 inches (Across the front) (42 inches in total)
Please check your chest measurement before purchasing.

This is a lovely plain and crisp white vintage blouse with very interesting shoulder detail.
The shoulders also have shoulder pads.
Perfect for any vintage lover
In good vintage condition!
Would fit a size 10-18 depending on how baggy you would want it to look.
This blouse does not have a sizing label but from the chest measurement I estimate it is a size 16/18/20
Please check your chest measurement before purchasing.
(Model is a size 8)
Actual Chest Measurement of Blouse: 22 inches (Across the front) (44 inches in total)

This is a really unique vintage blouse. It has some beautiful faces and figures of a woman on the front and back. The sleeves and collar of the blouse are also covered in a really nice aqua and black dotty pattern!
The fabric is see through chiffon.
Perfect for any vintage lover
In good vintage condition!
Would fit a size 8-22 depending on how baggy you would want it to look.
The label says size size 2, however I think that is where the other 2 has been rubbed off the 22 from being worn, as it is way too big to be a US size 2 and defiantly too big to be a UK size 2. But please check the measurements before purchasing just to make sure!
(Model is a size 8)
Actual Chest Measurement of Blouse: 25 inches (Across the front) (50 inches in total)

This is a really lovely vintage blazer/ coat/ jacket/ bolero. Its made from crushed velvet and goes with almost anything although it is slightly too big for me so I am selling it.
Perfect for any vintage lover
In good vintage condition!
I have in the past worn this jacket as a cropped blazer (see photo) depsite the fact that its a size 18 and I am an 8. However on a size 18 I think it would be more like a bolero, I guess it just depends on how you want it to fit.
So keeping in mind how fitting you want it to be I would say this jacket is a size 10-18 (model is a size 8)
Actual Chest Measurement of Blouse: 21 inches (Approximately)(Across the front) (42 inches in total)

This is a wonderful red acrylic jumper featuring a diamond knitted pattern with white and gold buttons.
Perfect for a nautical look, team with a navy skirt and white tights.
In good vintage condition!
Would fit a size 6-12 depending on how baggy you would want it to look (Model is a size 8)

Actual Chest Measurement of Jumper: 23inches (Across the front) (46 inches in total)

Some are ending tomorrow and some are ending next week!
Anyway its my bedtime now so goodnight!
- Kayla x x x


Tuesday, August 3, 2010
This week I've been so busy compared to normal, not that I've really seen any friends but me, my mom and dad have been out almost everyday. Last friday we ventured all the way to Hereford in search of charity shops. It turned out to be a one-two hour drive, or at least it seemed that long. I took nathan with me too, he doesn't like shopping but I think he likes to see the smile on my face when I find something I like. Also recently he keeps wanting to spend money on me, I think he should spend it on himself, but he won't change his mind so I allowed him to buy me a bag of toffee from Thornton's.

This is a small selection of the things I have bought over the last month or so, I tried to include almost everything I bought from Hereford although some of it is still upstairs waiting to be washed. It looks like where I've edited the photo in photoshop that some of the items are slightly green, which isn't the case thats just my clumsyness with the brush tool.

The first blouse on the left I didn't actually get from Hereford, I got it from one of my local charity shops for a very good price, I had a bit of a field day because as I stepped into the shop I noticed there was one rail that was literally full of vintage blouses, so I just had to pick the best ones and get them all. I have since wanted to go back and get some more but unfortuantely I feel as if I've spent way too much money over the past few weeks and so im going to wait a bit until I get some more from ebay. Anyway, the blouse has a small stain on it which I didn't notice when I bought it but its not visible if I wear it with something highwaisted, and its such a pretty blouse and a nice colour I couldn't possibly throw it away. I wore it the other day infact with a highwaisted skirt, I took some photos and put them on lookbook!

I also made the skirt myself. I found the fabric at a place called The Mill in Wales, it sells loads of amazing fabrics at quite cheap prices, although, I paid a little more than I usually would for this fabric (1 1/2 meters for £4) If you can't quite see what fabric it is, its a gorgeous purple tie-die velvet, I didn't even know you could tie-die velvet but apparently you can and I'm so happy I made this skirt! Also, I made the skirt pattern! Remember the course I said I was going on to learn how to cut patterns? Well, it may of been canceled, but not before I was able to make this pattern! It fits me perfectly, so I'm really pleased at how it turned out!

The second blouse is more like a jacket, although, its made from blouse like fabric, so its a bit confusing but I still really like it. This is one which I got from Hereford, I found all of these in one shop! It was the last shop I went into actually. I was feeling a bit sad up until that point because I had looked round countless charity shops and I couldn't find anything! I really love the pattern and the pocket detail on this blouse, its also cropped, which I think is kinda cool, although it makes me wonder what I should wear it with but I bet I'll find something...

I also really love this next blouse which I got from a local charity shop, I love the pattern, it reminds me of trebel clefs and since i play piano (or at least I used to) I like that little detail. I also love how it fits in with the nautical trend! The collar is also quite small, I like that, I'm not too fond of the normal size collars anymore I prefer to go for something more interesting where the collar is a bit different.. Unless the shirt is interesting enough to pull off a basic shirt collar.

This is probably one of my favorite things which I purchased at Hereford, its very like the Urban Renewal dresses at Urban Outfitters, the ones with the lace across the top, but I like that this one is actually vintage rather than something that's just been made up in a vintage style. I am going to have to edit it a little on the sewing machine because I think it is a size 18 but I tried it on, its more like a size 14-16, probably because of the vintage sizing. But yeah, I love everything about this dress, the colour and the lace and its just perfect, I'm going to shorten it slightly and take in the waist and it will fit me perfectly !

This blouse reminds me of Abba, and I love Abba. I love the pattern its really interesting. My mom says that its probably from the seventies because of the shape of the collar, I have to say that I agree with her. I like that its unusual, and as I said above its not like an average shirt collar, it makes it a bit more interesting, although the pattern alone is lovely.

The pattern on the white and blue shirt is so pretty, it makes me think of birds although its not actually birds. Again, I love the collar, its frilly, and I like that it has a tie. There is one thing I don't like, it has no buttons so that is why it has to be tied, when I tie it up it leaves a huge gap which allows for you to be able to put your head through the collar when you put it on, and it shows all my cleavage which I don't like but its pretty easy to clip it together with a brooch. I wore this the other day when I went shopping with my mom, I came back and took some photos for lookbook so here is my look.

This blouse looks checkered here but its actually got a really nice blue and white dogtooth print, and down the sides there is a black strip. Why I didn't take a photo of these I don't know, but this blouse looks quite boring without them but I assure you its quite lovely, although I think it might be the one I like the least out of the collection I've acquired.

Finally, I seemed to of missed the middle one out, this is one of my favorites because of the colour and style; it reminds me of victorian style dresses and blouses, its really romantic. I love that it buttons up on the side rather than the middle and the frill is also really lovely and I like that it doesnt just end at the collar it continues down the front of the blouse. The only thing I don't like about this blouse is that its quite see though, but its not supposed to be, I defiantly wouldn't be able to wear a black bra with it.

I also wore this the other day, I did take a photo of the outfit but I didn't think it would be very good for lookbook, its more of an artsy kind of photo, I'll post it here anyway and you can tell me if you think I should upload it!

I've started using my old camera as well as my new one, Its just a 4 mega pixel digital kodak one. I've been really interested in photos which look really old recently although I don't have the money to persue it, I think the ones on flickr are done by film cameras and I don't have the money to constantly do that so I was very happy when I found that if my old camera had loads of dust on the lens i would get the same effect! This means I've actually started to use my flickr!

The other day I went to Malvern to see a vintage and classic car show. I don't really like cars but I like old vintage ones, along with all other old vintage things. My dad however is obsessed with cars, he has worked in the car industry all his life and turns into a complete car nerd when surrounded by old MG's, Rovers and Landrovers and whatever other old British cars happened to be at this show.

I got quite excited when I saw all the mini's lined up in a row, unfortunately I don't have a good enough picture so here's a picture of the one on the end. I kept asking my mom if I could have one but she wont budge, she says there dangerous, which I suppose they are but seriously look at them, possibly the cutest cars on earth. Me and my friend ellie always walk past one on our way back from college everyday, I think its either navy and the roof has the union jack on it or its black a white roof, I can't quite remember, but one day me and ellie will go up to the house its parked at, knock on the door and buy it! Well, we wont, but we like to think we will, and in our dream of owning a mini we will share it, although, we're not quite sure how thats going to work out considering she lives around a 20-30 minute walk from my house.

I have to say though, me and my mom were far more interested in the Antiques Fair that was going on in the next field. We were even lucky enough to watch Paul Hayes and his film crew film 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' which is a program on the BBC where antiques experts buy antiques cheaply and compete against each other to make a profit. At this point my mom got all excited and wanted to go talk to him, so we followed him around for a while, then bought an icecream, sat down and watched them film the show. So you never know I might be on TV in the background haha. We thought after we got home we should of had our photos taken with him, but of course us clever ones didn't think of that at the time did we.

Earlier my mom went up the loft to put some things away and came back down with a box full of really old jewelry, my grandma said some of it belonged to my great nan, and the rest is just stuff we've collected from charity shops, so I thought I'd show you all.

I've got no idea if there even worth anything but even if they aren't there all so pretty !

Finally I thought I might tell you what I'm doing today, well this photo is pretty self explanatory, I'm distressing jeans whilst drinking cups of tea, which I find is quite enjoyable. Tea makes the world go round.

Thanks for reading !
Kayla x x x