Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Alot of you have been asking and yes I will be selling a lot of my clothes on ebay. You should see how big my chairdrobe has got (seeing as my wardrobes are both full) if anyone has any particular requests that they'd like to see on ebay then please comment either on lookbook or if you don't have LB you can comment here, on tumblr, twitter, whatever (: I always check to see if i have new comments.

Starting bids will probably range from £5-£20 as I'm trying to get the money back from what I've spent on the clothes originally, I might not even make a profit, it depends on how high the bidding goes.

I haven't put anything on ebay yet, but when I do I'll make sure I post a link on my lookbook!
(I asked my mom and she said shes going to let me post a link now, yay!)