Sunday, June 13, 2010
As you know I'm putting stuff on ebay, I'm in the process of washing everything at the moment and I'm washing all similar colours together, so its going to take a few washes to get everything done seeing as I seemed to of picked a rainbow of clothes. I currently have one thing listed, however its not one of my items of clothing, it was my moms, and this ebay account is also my moms but anyway here it is link seeing as you've all been asking for it.

Anyway I was wondering what peoples opinions were on the elasticated skirts that they used to sell in the urban renewal section of urban outfitters? with the gold buttons on? I was thinking of making some myself and putting them on ebay. They don't sell them anymore but there about £15 at vintage stores and I've got some vintage looking fabric and was thinking of selling them from £8-£10 on ebay.

Also finally I WILL be putting these beautys on ebay too! Bidding will start at £30 and I will be posting them worldwide however I would like to post one more look on lookbook with them on just so they gain more interest, plus im slightly attached to them haha. Postage worldwide is £10, the are extremely heavy! Well... 800g

All my items will be available for postage world wide however postage could be quite expensive.

Thanks for reading and I hope you get back to me about those skirts :)
Kayla x x

Im writing up the skirt tutorial like, right now!