Friday, March 26, 2010
I found the most amazing jeans, ever! The sort which you would see in topshop and think damn, those are some nice trousers and then look at the price tag and think holy crap! Then walk out of the store and wish that you would win the lottery so that you could one day own those amazing pair of jeans. Well I have two amazing pairs now, one is floral and I had to go do some DIY to them and turn them into shorts because they were three quaters and I didn't like them, the others are blue with white spots, like these (got this picture off the topshop website)

So anyway these jeans, I got them from the charity shop 'Save The Children' which are dotted around the UK and in almost every town thats bigger than a postage stamp, they were £1.50 each which was amazing and although they don't have white hearts on them, they have white dots! In my eagerness to write about them I haven't actually taken any pictures yet, so I'll go do that now (:

---------------------------------------------------- 3 hours later....

Here are the jeans, sorry about the dodgy picture, I'm determined to do an update asap, maybe in the next update you'll see the lovely carefully taken photography that will be on my lookbook :) Also I took the picture after I cut them up but oh well, you still get the idea. I'm now thinking that I should of kept them long and just sewn the legs up so they were skinny... but then again they were three quarters so I guess shorts was the only way to go. and there are the shorts... they look pretty rad and once I've posted this I'm gonna take a picture for lookbook with them on :D

I'm definatly going to have to make these into skinny jeans, they almost reach my ankle so I'm going to fold them over like on the topshop picture, I think once there finished they will look pretty cool... I'm not going to do anything just yet so if anyone has any good ideas please tell me (:

I'm thinking of trying out the knitting machine now its finally the holiday (three week holiday yay!) I want to make a Weasley jumper, I'm really surprised that Warner Brothers haven't done that already because that would be a huge harry potter money spinner! I know I'd defiantly buy one..

Thanks for reading :)


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Someone asked me on my formspring when I was next going to update this and I realized its been almost a month, which isn't as bad as last time but I guess back then I had no followers, so hello new followers, thanks for following me!

I haven't really done anything particularly exciting in the last month, I anticipated that the Birmingham Vintage Fair held at the custard factory on Digbeth Street would be amazing. It was my birthday Friday and I asked for money instead of presents (as normal). The Vintage Fair was a bit of a let down, all I bought was three pairs of Mary Quant tights which are nice but I was really hoping I'd be able to get some really nice vintage blouses for summer because I think there going to be a main part of my summer wardrobe however all the blouses i saw were sizes 14-24, which would swamp me.

http://lookbook.nu/look/542775-the-camera-will-make-you-god (its not a very good picture so I might delete it sometime)

I did find one which was a beautiful Victorian inspired 1980's lace blouse with a high neck collar, the back was slightly discolored and looked a bit stained but it was well worth it if it was at the right price, unluckily it was £15 and I didn't want to spend that much on something that had a stain on it, so it went back on the rail.

The second item that I had in mind for my summer wardrobe was cardigans, which they had plenty of but they were all big and chunky which would be horrible to wear in warm weather. I was looking for some lace-looking cardies, in whatever material but with lots of detail, the sort that really are just for decoration and serve no other purpose than to make you look nice. I will have to keep visiting COW (the vintage shop also on the Digbeth Highstreet) which never seems to have cardigans but its like a charity shop, you've got to keep looking! Which reminds me, I now work at Mary Stevens Hospice, well actually its not work, I don't get paid because its volunteer work but I get to look at all the clothes before they get put out in the store and if I want any of them I can have them for half price so I think its well worth it! Ive only worked two days there and I've already bought a dress and a pair of black boots (which are a little ripped on the inside but I like them)

BOOTS >> http://lookbook.nu/look/539769-oh-dear-I-m-seventeen-now

This took me three hours to write so I think I'm going to stop now, oh wait last minuet, I went to the National Wedding Show at the NEC this morning, no I'm not getting married but I want to be a Seamstress/ Wedding dress maker when I'm older so I went to look round just to see the dresses and the sellers, on my way around me and my mom found a corset store and I've always been a fan of corsets and I idolize Dita Von Teese so anyway, the woman on the store was letting everyone try them on just to see what they were like so I thought, ahhhhhhh i MUST try one of those on! They feel so amazing, I love the way it feels like everything's held in, despite the fact I had a little trouble breathing. It was a properly steel boned corset! Here's the picture, I look a bit silly...

Thanks everyone who's following me hope you have a good day, and erm, I'll update, soon-ish... xx.